Accelerating Future Responses to Next-generation and Cutting-edge Technologies

Hendris aims to operate through five segments Business strategy, Consulting, Technology Services, Digital and Appliances. Hendris position itself into niche segment of Deep Learning, IOT and DWH/Analytics and want to play a leading player in the Health care, Life science, Petroleum and Civil vertical.

The Analytics segment delivers a spectrum of capabilities, from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics in Business Intelligence. These solutions are provided through delivery methods, including through cloud environments and as-a-Service models. “Enable clients to take better decisions by providing timely, accurate, analytical and factual intelligence driven by business and domain knowledge – in a way that is easy to access, comprehend and use it to the benefit of their organization’s growth” The Technology Services provides software, maintenance and solution support, Hendris supports on Architectural and Design Support, Tool assessment and selection, Models for Managed services and Solution based approach for vertical.

Our Approach is structured around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem which has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connections of things, data, process and people. Artificial intelligence plays a growing role in IoT applications and deployments. "We're definitely still in the very early stages," …

Our Vision

Vision To be the most trusted company in delivering innovative strategic solutions to our clients to keep them competitive in their business goals through technology solutions in the realm of Integration and Application life cycle management.

Our Solution

“Dedication to every client’s success; continuous Innovation on our solution, process and service, repeated practice with passion to achieve excellence.”

Value Add

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results". We have inhouse frameworks, Delivery excellence through hands-on experience and time tested methodologies,Client-centric, transparent and user-friendly services approach.

What We Do

Hendris has the right blend of Domain and skilled technology experts who can understand your business and deliver the right product and solution with great quality

Hendris offers a wide range of services including solution development, consulting services in the area of Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Micro Services, BI Services, Service Fulfillment and Provisioning using primarily solutions by AI, IOT, as well as other Independent Software Vendors’ (ISV) products and open source platforms.

How We Do

Hendris handhold you along with your business in laying out strategic roadmap exercise to improve your business productivity and cutting edge technology.

Hendris handhold their customers or Partners in laying out the strategic roadmap exercises to improve the business productivity, cost effectiveness using right managed service models, CoE on cutting edge technology like Analytics – Predictive , Prescriptive , AI - Machine Learning, Neural Network and Internet on Things – Sensor based, GPRS, RFID.

Data Patterns and Solutions

Hendris inbuilt open source solution like chat bots, Speech and Face recognition, object detection, sensor based solution on Structural health monitoring, data based learning and pattern creation based on captured data.